Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Goals for my Year or 50 Things

New Year's Day for everyone in the world is, of course, January 1st. I have my own New Year's day, as each of us does really, and that is the day of my birth. My own personal New Year's day is January 7th. Last year I had a list of 49 things that I wanted to do before my 50th birthday. I didn't accomplish them all, but that's OK. It was something to strive for and I did more than I thought I had, when I just went back and looked at it. So, I'm happy. I'm going to make a list of 50 Things for this year. Some may be repeats. Some will be new. Some will get done and some won't. Such is life.

1. Take the beaded/wire cross class

2. Get new business cards

3. Get my hair cut -- * still in need of this

4. Take a workshop with Sally Jean *signed up for a workshop on 5/1-2-- did not get to take this workshop due to the death of my daughter-in-law M and my need to help out with the kids

5. Take a workshop with Nina Bagley Not going to happen this year

6. Have the whole family here for Thanksgiving  Still planning on this, just need to clean and invite them all.

7. De-clutter the house **started!

8. Sell unwanted items on ebay *started first auction ends 1/8

9. Pay for a soldier's meal anonymously

10. Start a savings account for each of my grandchildren

11. Start teaching (quilting) again Did this, but stopped after the death of M

12. work The Artist's Way book

13. Sell 25 pieces/things from my etsy shop

14. Lose weight  haven't done one thing toward this, but still need to.

15. Stop drinking soft drinks  I don't have any in the house and plan on tomorrow 10/7 being my first day without them.

16. Go to a hunted hotel with my mother and sister -- Sister passed away on April 7th, won't be possible now

17. Have that "birthday" weekend with my friend Catherine (and Beth if she wants to come!) * this did not happen, hubby was unemployed on my birthday or had just been hired, but still no extra money.  Don't remember which it was now.

18. Trim that tree by the drive way

19. Buy some picnic tables for the yard

20. Write Mrs. Burns a letter *completed in July, 2010

21. Go see Mrs. Burns  probably will not do this in this year

22. Complete Angie's quilt

23. Make door hangers for S and R I have these started, but don't even want to do them now

24. See the Craig Ferguson Show in person not going to happen this year

25. Go to the Keith Urban concert (if he comes to Dallas or Houston this year) if he came to TX, I wasn't aware of it because of all that was going on in my life

26. Go to the Texas Rangers opening day game -- was in CA helping with the kids after M's death so this didn't happen

27. Plant trees to celebrate the births of my grandchildren

28. Go see the grandchildren -- got to do this, but not exactly in the way I had planned

29. Go see Beth

30. Figure out 5 new types of things to put in my etsy shop

31. Save money

32. Put a quilt in the Dallas quilt show *mailed the form in 1/6, now to wait to see if it makes it in time and if there is room -- there was, it's completed

33. Go to the last Texas Rangers home game of the year * didn't get to do this, JT's birthday was the day before and I was in OK, maybe next year. 

34. Get totally off effexor I've cut down and I'm happy with that for now

35. Get a camera that has a macro lens

36. make a self portrait quilt

37. make that summer quilt I've been wanting

38. take an art class with Margie Woods Brown of Language of the Soul not this year

39. learn to knit a scarf -- knitting it, just need to finish it up, I have completed a couple of small things

40. ride a Harley

41. take weekly photos of myself (hopefully as I lose weight) (2/52) -- oops, forgot all about this one

42. commission a painting of Elly with Charmaine * I've commissioned it, should be done in a little while -- not in a hurry for it. 

43. Go to the House of Blues for the Gospel Brunch  not yet

44. make myself an Anglican rosary that is long enough to wear

45. make myself a lariat necklace from my African Christmas beads

46. Get my featherweight repaired

47. Start saving and planning for that trip to Alaska

48. redo the downstairs bathroom -- tub resurfaced, new toilet and sink, new wallpaper or paint

49. Go to Santa Fe for Christmas, hopefully with the kids

50. Do at least one thing a month that scares the hell out of me.

updated on 10/6/2010

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