Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Bright Side Project - Mondo Beyondo

I've told you about The Bright Side Project before. It's a wonderful, fun website where they give away things every week. They find great artisans, crafters, people who gather vintage wonders that make many of us drool, who are willing to give away some of their products to us -- the blog visitor. The Bright Side Project says they deliver sunshine daily and I do believe it, because even though I've never won anything from them, I enjoy seeing what they are giving away. I love to read the questions that you answer in order to win and I love reading the answers that everyone gives. They are fun, touching, inspiring and plain funny at times.

One of the prizes this week is a 5 week online course from Mondo Beyondo. To read about the giveaway, click here. I was thrilled to see this as a prize because I've been to Superhero Journal before and I had read about it there. I hope to sign up for it one day, after my hubby is employed once again. You don't have to wait though. They have another class about to start (on 1/11), so go check it out. The ladies - Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen - will help you learn to turn your dreams into action. I can't wait until I can do this too! Maybe I'll see you there.

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