Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday B.A.L.!

My niece B turned 21 today. Here is a photo of her and her mother, my sister, Teresa at a concert. Sorry, B and Teresa, I can't remember the name of the group. They will be shocked, of course, but the photo is what I wanted to show. My lovely sister and niece. I hope you're having a great birthday, B! I love you.
*I've been informed by B that the group they saw was Nickleback.


Brittani said...

Thank you!!! It was super amazing!! You missed out on Mollie being my personal bartender lol

spartacus said...


You're right. I missed it. Thanks for thinking of us -- especially Brit. She loves you so very, very much. You are her special aunt. And I, of course, love you so very, very much too. You are my very special sister, whom I admire and adore!

Love you!


The McClendons said...

Teresa looks like a teenager! Hot mama!