Sunday, January 17, 2010

I just Love People!

Since the horrible earthquake in Haiti, the spirit of people and the willingness to help those in need has been something that I've found more than heartwarming. I told you about a couple of blogs who were donating in their own ways, earlier in the week. The necklace that Nina Bagley over at Ornamental auctioned for relief funds went for $500! Ree Drummond at The Pioneer Woman gave much more than she originally stated that she would. Ree wanted to donate 10 cents for every comment left on her blog. She asked that those who left comments tell who they would donate to if she picked their name out of the lot. She was going to pick out 2 comments, by random number generator, to donate $500 each to the charity each had picked. She was also going to add up all the other charities mentioned and the three that got the most mentions would divide the dimes. As it turned out, she got a whopping 25,850 comments! In dimes, that comes to $2, 585.00! Instead of dividing the money, she decided to give the whole amount to each of the top three charities mentioned! Amazingly generous women.

Now, I've found another wonderful individual who is auctioning a mixed media painting to benefit Haiti. Go see the painting Shari Beaubien made at her blog. I love quilts, painting and other art work that has the written word on it. So, I was quite excited when I saw this. I hope you like it as much as I do and I hope you can bid!

As for me, I am planning to make or finish up something of mine to auction off also. A quilting friend suggested that I auction off one of my miniature pineapple quilts. I do have one that is almost finished, but I had thought of donating it to the guild auction. Boy will I get in trouble with them if I don't come up with something. So now I'm a mess about figuring out what will go where. If you'd like to see the one I'm considering completing to auction for Haiti, look here. *OK, this was actually posted Wed. 1/19. I had started it on Sunday and couldn't figure out how to change the date on the draft. Sheesh.

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