Friday, January 29, 2010

More Simple things or Just Plain Grateful

I stopped yesterday when I got to 27. I could have easily gone on -- for a long, long time. Today, as I drove in the rain to the post office, I started thinking of more things I'm grateful for. In these economic times, some of these things are not so simple, but they are things that are often taken for granted when we have them.

~a car, that is paid for and runs
~a roof over my head to keep me dry from the rain that is falling
~that the roof and walls are also paid for
~that the property taxes have been paid for the year
~that my hubby is employed again and today is his first payday with the new job
~that we made it through the lay off
~that there is money enough to pay the most important bills and we'll soon be able to start paying the over due ones again too
~that the heater is working
~for running water
~for our health
~for indoor plumbing
~for plentiful food
~for warm clothes
~for the medications that make our lives healthier and happier
~for the cell phone I used to call hubby to tell him he did get his check in the mail
~for the fact that our gasoline prices are not as high as they are in Europe
~for kindness
~for friendly people
~for the option to pay a bill on the Internet so it isn't late
~that the dogs only dragged clothes out of the hamper and didn't eat them
~that Brookshires had the groceries that Walmart didn't yesterday

These are just a few of the things I thought of as I went about my morning. I am ever so grateful for each thing and I pray that I continue to notice more each hour and all through the weekend.

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IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Great list of gratitudes!!! Thanks for sharing. I used to walk with a friend and we would each say a gratitude the entire way to our destination. We came up with lots and lots too.

I love Lonesome Dove interesting. And I love to quilt. I'd like to hear more about how you made your quilt that is on your is lovely.