Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Foolin' -- 49 Things

As I said in an earlier posting, I've abandoned my 101 Things in 1001 Days list because it felt more like a " to do" list than a list of things I wanted to actually do. I've made a new list of goals I'd like to accomplish. The goal to finish this list is my next birthday, January 7th, my 50th birthday, to be exact.

1. Dance -- daily and with joy!!

2. photo project (to be named soon) -- Photo of the week challenge

3. donate hair to Locks of Love -- Did it! 6/4/2009

4. Start a savings account for each of my grandchildren

5. open an etsy shop Done! As of July 2, 2009

6. donate blood (as soon as the anemia is under control)

7. leave a $100 tip for a waitress at a mom and pop type restaurant

8. take a water color painting class

9. ride a Harley

10. learn to knit a scarf

11. plant a red bud tree for CV

12. plant a pomegranate tree for CL

13. plant a fruit bearing mulberry tree for JT

14. make myself a summer quilt (no batting)

15. continue to help organize a Nathaniel Hawthorne reunion XXX I've backed out of this project

16. talk to son and M about a Christmas trip to Santa Fe

17. stay in another haunted hotel with mom

18. pay for a soldiers meal

19. have a 50th birthday weekend with my best friends -- postponed, but still planning
 20. donate a bicycle at Christmas

21. take my grandchildren roller skating when they visit this summer we did it!

22. organize and thin out my Christmas ornaments started

23. write a history on the ornaments that I give to my grandchildren got the books to write it in

24. label, repair, photograph and make a storage bag for each of my quilts

25. get a new ipod it's not an ipod but I got a new mp3 player

26. donate to Kiva done

27. donate to the SPCA of TX or the HSCCL done

28. donate to Habitat for Humanity

29. make a 25 block black and batik miniature pineapple

30. finish Angie's baby quilt working on it

31. somehow get a photo made of myself that I actually like

32. get my feather weight machine repaired

33. learn how to use a chain saw

34. make fiber postcards for Debbie (and Frieda) at the post office

35. decide how to celebrate weight loss goals and post them on my wall

36. put together a dance mix to play

37. take a stained glass class

38. make a "quote" quilt done

39. make a self portrait quilt

40. make a totally abstract art quilt done

41. get the painting done of my dogs

42. adopt a cat XXX Not going to happen, I'm allergic :(

43. go to the Dallas Farmer's Market

44. Go see Keith Urban in July XXX Not going to happen

45. paint my metal swing frame

46. go to the House of Blues for the Gospel Brunch

47. make myself a lariat necklace with my African Christmas beads

48. make myself a totally unique Anglican rosary that is long enough to wear

49. buy a sandal wood Mala or olive wood beads to make a rosary from


pam q said...

Oh my! You have totally worn me out!!!

Somehow I never had you pictured as a chainsaw type of woman though!

But I love lists! I write tons of them. There is just something about scratching the entries off...

Sharon said...

I'm not a chain saw type woman, that's why I need to learn to use one. ;) Someone needs to be using one around here or we won't be able to get in the driveway by the end of the year! I wish there was someone I could learn how to be a country girl from. I'd sure sign up for lessons.

The McClendons said...

Call me if you go to the HOB brunch and we'll meet you there!