Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starting the Great De-Clutter

I listed several more things on ebay today. The angel ornament is the first thing I listed and it has a bid, so it will be sold. Hurray! I also listed several other Christmas ornaments, one of my rosaries, and several items of Royal Albert Autumn Roses china. Now, I'm tired of listing for a bit. I want to quilt or bead tomorrow. I want to create. If that should not happen though, I think I'll do some clearing out of things. Maybe some things to donate or just plain trash. I've still got my fingers crossed for the creating though, that is my first choice.
For those of you who have not noticed it, I've joined the Creative Every Day challenge for 2010. I won't be posting about it every day like I did during the month of November, but if you get curious about what is going on when I'm not talking about it, you can click on the Creative Every Day button on the right hand side of my blog. It will be there all year and there are a lot of folks who are participating in this. I'm sure you'd enjoy seeing some of their creativity. There are optional theme's for each month. January's is "body". We'll just have to wait to see what I do with that.

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