Monday, September 28, 2009

A Little Preview

I've started a new miniature quilt. A little therapy, so to speak. The finished piece will only be around 12 or 12 and a half inches square. I'm calling this "RAGE".
The fabrics in the top photo are layered between the black fabrics used for the back and front of the quilt. There is no traditional batting. I've stabbed, cut and ripped each of the fabrics that are used in this art quilt. That was very therapeutic and actually quite fun. (I may cut a lot of therapeutic fabric in the coming weeks!) It was especially fun watching the faces of the people around me while I did the cutting. I was in a miniature quilt class at the time. Most of the folks who saw me were just horrified!
I haven't made all the decisions concerning this quilt yet. Don't know exactly how I'll bind it. Could be traditional or it could be cut up so that it will eventually fray or it could be something else altogether. I may tack some of the cut fabric pieces open to show the "wound" inside. You can see the area I'm talking about in the bottom photo (to the left of the heart) although the pieces are closed for now. I'll also quilt it with embroidery floss in the same manner that I quilted the Black Cat mini I made last year. More than likely using the same colors as the fabrics used.
What do you think of the crackle heart? The fabric already had the crackle print on it, but I darkened it with a fabric pen to show my broken heart holding together. Click on the photos to enlarge them so that you can see details more clearly.

Photo of the Week 25 of 39 -- Seven

Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez wears the number 7 on the Texas Rangers baseball team. We got to go see the last nighttime home game of the season last Saturday the 26th. The Rangers won 15 - 3 and had an 11 run 5th inning! It was so fun! Hubby went with me. It was his first time to see a grand slam live and in person. We are still in the running for the playoffs, but the magic number is only two. Regardless of if my Rangers end up in the playoffs or not, they've had a wonderful season and I've loved every minute of this year. Next year will be even more fun, I know!
Next week's theme is "Still Life".

Photo of the Week 24 of 39 -- Baby

Sweet little baby booties that I saw at my Momma's yard sale. Made me think of my cousin Sundey who is expecting her baby girl Harper to be born next week! Or is it this week? Time sure flies when you aren't pregnant.
Next week's theme is "Seven".

Monday Question # 6

I'm not totally finished with my little blogging break, but I did want to post a couple of quick things today.

From The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D. Question: At a meal, your friends start belittling a common acquaintance. If you felt their criticisms were unjustified, would you defend the person?

My answer: Yes, absolutely!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taking a little break

Just wanted to let you know that I'm taking a little break. Could be a day, a week or a month. I just don't know. I've had some computer problems and then some Internet problems. Now, I'm just going through a rough time and the creative juices are flowing in a different direction. I'm working on an art quilt that could turn into a series. I'll share the photos soon. I'll also catch up on all photos when I get back. Until then, happy reading.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Question # 5

From the Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D -- Question: If there were a public execution on television would you watch it?

My answer: No way in hell! I would feel somewhat obligated to watch the execution of Mays if it were televised. Thank God it won't be. Because I was on the jury that convicted him. Of course I know the appeal process has started for him and he will have another set of jurors to hear his case, but I don't think that will lessen my feeling of obligation (maybe "burden" is a better word?) in any way.

Friday, September 18, 2009

This week's photo....

...will more than likely be late. I'm not even totally sure the photo came out. We'll find out as soon as I'm able to spend time at my computer. Right now, I can't get to it because Katie has turned into a devil dog!

Hubby patched up a couple of the holes in the fence only to have Barkley push down another part. Barkley then taught Katie how to push down that part of the fence also and get out. When she got out, she went over to our neighbors house and killed 7 of his chickens! Now out in a rural area, that's enough to get a dog shot, but our neighbor is a good guy, retired military, and he just came and told us what she did and asked us to keep her out of his yard. He wouldn't even let us pay him for the chickens she killed. We'll it's been raining almost nonstop since then and we haven't been able to do any more fence repairs. So, Katie has had to be put in the pen every time she's gone out since then. She's not getting nearly enough exercise.

Her behavior has gone to hell in a hand basket. She's getting into the trash and tearing it up. I plan to buy covered trash cans. She's started peeing on the floor in the middle of the night. We're trying to make sure she goes out late at night and early in the morning. She flat destroyed a couch cushion. We need a new couch anyway. Although I think we'll wait a while to get one. She's jumping on us constantly. She had been doing it some, but not to this degree. I think it will calm down again as soon as we can start working with her more outside.

All of this is to say that I don't want to leave her downstairs tonight so that I can work on my computer upstairs. It's been raining too much to take her up on the carpet right now. So, the photo will be late. It will be here though. So, until then, happy reading.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy First Blog-iversary to Me!

One year ago, I started my blog! My goal was to write about my life and memories -- to share them with my grandchildren someday. Possibly to have the whole thing made into a book for them. It's become so much more than that to me. It's a way for me to share the little details of my life that may be forgotten. The things that make up a life in the long run. It's a way to connect with people that I probably will never meet and may never even know that I've connected with. It's a place to document my artistic endeavors, my dreams, hopes and plans. This blog has become important to me. I enjoy it.

I wish I had planned some sort of giveaway to celebrate the anniversary. I know that a lot of bloggers do that. Maybe I can get on the ball by next year. Until then....happy reading. Thank you for being here.

Monday, September 14, 2009


It's been raining here for days. Literally days. I'm more than ready for the rain to stop. It's starting to affect my mood. It's giving me headaches and I feel crummy. I need some sunshine. Chamomile tea helps, but it's not sunshine in a cup. Maybe I need a Margarita. Then again, maybe I just want one. Don't think it would make my tummy feel any better though.

Monday Question #4

From the Book Of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph. D. Question: Would you rather be given $10,000 for your own use or $100,00 to give anonymously to strangers? What if you could keep $1,000,000 or give away $20,000,000?

My answer: Don't get me wrong, I love to spend money. I'd even love to pay off bills with an unexpected windfall, but with the choice given, I'd like to give the money anonymously in both cases.

How about you?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Photo of the Week 23 of 39 -- Movie Title

You're going to have to use your imagination with this one folks. The movie title for my photo of the week is "Butterflies are Free". They are so free in fact, that they flew out of the frame before I got the shot of them on this flower and I didn't even notice it until it was too late. My only other choices were to turn some of my shots of my dogs playing into "Cujo" or some of the very poor baseball shots I've got into any number of baseball themed movies. So, I pretty much let you down this week, but hopefully I'll do better next week.
The theme for next week is "Baby".

Questions and a Chance to Remember

First, we cannot let this day pass without remembering all those we lost eight years ago to terrorists attacks or to those we've lost since then, who were trying to make us safe from future attacks. God Bless them all and their families and friends. The attacks were so senseless. The lost have not been forgotten. To the rescuers and military -- Thank you.

I got a jury summons today. My first reaction was not one I'm proud of. I served on a jury a little over a year ago and to be quite honest, I do not want to again. All, I can do is hope that it is not a murder trial again. Or something else equally traumatic to listen to. I've got my fingers crossed that I'm not picked.

I'm beginning to think I'll never slept regularly again. It's been over a month now. Oh, I'll sleep fine for a few days, but it doesn't last. I remember when I was a kid, my grandparents saying something about getting older and not needing as much sleep. Have I gotten there already and I just don't know it yet?

KD, why?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How "Mollie" Got Her Name

My son was the first grandchild. We had tried to come up with what Momma wanted to be called by him, but she just really couldn't do it. I think the fact that she was so young had something to do with that. Then a friend of the family told us that our son would pick out what he wanted to call her anyway, so it didn't matter what we wanted to call her.* We lived to regret letting my son pick the name.

He decided to call his gramma "Maw"! (Until he was about three, I always had a hard time trying to figure out if he wanted to go to the mall or to see his gramma!) Oh is was pretty horrible, but we all accepted it and went on with life. Then my sister's kids started coming along. Her daughter also called Momma, Maw -- for a while, until she was about three, I think. Or maybe it was four or five. Anyway, that was when we had a big family gathering at our place and our cousins Sundey, Kelly and Molly came with lots of other cousins, aunts and uncles. Kelly and Molly are twins and a few years older than my niece. This was the first time my niece had met most of the family in person because they had lived out of state. She was thrilled by the other girls and before the day was over she had started calling Maw, Mawlie. It wasn't long until the name changed into Mollie. Maw never fit Momma anyway and Mollie is so much prettier. I like it. Of course my son didn't stop calling her Maw. So, for years, whenever we got a card from Momma, it was signed Maw, Mawlie, Mollie and Mom. What a hoot! She wanted to make sure all those bases were covered.

We had the same problem of what to call her when the great-grandchildren started to roll in. My daughter-in-law thought that Mollie sounded disrespectful for a great-grandchild to call her great-grandmother. So, after some discussion with both my Momma and my daughter-in-law we decided on Granmollie.

*We learned that that statement was a bunch of mule muffins! I child will indeed call you what you want them too if the rest of the family calls you the same thing.

Another Nephew Funny

My youngest nephew's birthday was last Thursday. It was a nice day. I was visiting his family for a few days and our mother had come over also. Everyone had dinner together. Momma had fried chicken and it was wonderful! I can't tell you how long it's been since I had someone fry chicken for me, even though it was technically for my nephew, since I didn't have to fry it, it felt like it was for me. Extra special.

So, we've finished dinner and and it's time for the birthday boy to open his gifts. He started with a card from his gramma, who is known to the younger grandkids as Mollie. That is a story, in and of itself, that I'll have to share soon. My son (the older grandkid) may even be calling her Mollie at this point. So, he reads the front of the card aloud to us all and then opens it and says something like "Wow! Forty dollars!". At which point Mollie exclaims "FORTY DOLLARS!!!?" We all laugh and everyone checks out the money together. Nephew says he looked at it wrong and that it's thirty dollars. Mollie calms. Everyone chuckles. Nephew gets up to bring the cake to the table and as soon as he gets up, Mollie picks up that money and has a good look at it to make sure it is only thirty dollars. We all got so tickled! I think the birthday boy had a good birthday and we all had a good day. It was fun.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Question #3

From The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D. "What is your most treasured memory".

My answer: I wanted to stay away from the most obvious answers, which are true and in order -- my son's birth and then my wedding. This is my next most treasured memory. Usually momma got the birthday gifts (who am kidding? all the gifts period) from both of my parents, I'm sure, but for some reason, when I was probably 6 my daddy asked me what I wanted. I told him that I wanted my own jar of Vick's salve and my own bottle of Mr. Bubble. I know that may sound like an odd thing for a 6 year old to request, but I was probably tired of sharing my bubble baths with my little sister. It was crummy enough to have a birthday so close to Christmas and getting "combination" gifts from relatives, but there were even those who gave her something when they gave me something for my birthday (sailor dresses from Aunt Dorothy!) and I don't think I was too keen on sharing on that particular day. So, by golly, I wanted my own bubble bath that I didn't have to share if I didn't want to!

As for the Vick's salve, well I had a perpetually stuffy nose. I was always waking up in the middle of the night and I couldn't breathe. So, I wanted my own jar so I wouldn't have to hunt for it or call for my momma to help. It always seemed that someone else had the Vick's jar when I needed it. I liked to move the box springs of my bed over a bit and keep the little jar right there in the metal frame beside the box springs. That way, I always knew where it was and it was within easy reach in the middle of the night in the dark.

When my birthday came, that's exactly what he got me -- Vick's and bubble bath! (OK, let me rephrase, that's the gift I had from my daddy, although in all likelihood, my momma probably is the one who went out and bought it.) That and nothing else. Just from him. I was thrilled! I think it's the only time in my life that someone has actually listened to me and got me what I wanted when I wanted it. That is, in itself, a precious gift and something to be treasured. No matter who actually bought it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Inspirational Quote

I don't know about you, but I'm finding myself in need of inspiration. Here is a favorite quote. "It is never too late to be what you might have been." I don't know who said this. If you happen to know, please leave me a comment so that I can properly give them credit.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cape Cod Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips with Sea Salt and Vinegar

I'm exhausted. I feel head achy and somewhat crummy. I'm eating my favorite chips, for medicinal purposes, of course. If you find these in the store, give them a try. You'll either love them or hate them. I don't believe there is an in between. If you love them, watch out. I've never been that fond of chips, I could take them or leave them. These -- I can't leave once I start them. I'll eat them until my tongue is sore. Until I'm so full of salt that I can't button my jeans with ease. Until I can smell vinegar when I've left the closed bag in one room and I've gone into another! I'm a lost cause when it comes to these.

Friday, September 4, 2009

You're Got to Check This Out!

Artful Blogging magazine is something I've fallen for in a time when I'm trying to cut down and cut out magazines. The one pictured here is the Aug/Sept/Oct. 2009 issue. Because of it, I've found at least three blogs that sing to my soul and I'm not even half way through the magazine yet. I've purchased other issues and found at least as many blogs in each one, each time. They are a feast for the eyes also.
One of the blogs that sang to me was Superhero Journal. Especially the post "Written On the Body". With all that I've been through in the last week, lovable is a word I would pick also. Then I started reading the comments on that post. There was a comment that gave me THE WORD. The final word. One that I may have to go get tattooed actually.
I want enough.
I need enough.
Just enough.
I've had enough.
I am enough.
Or I should be.

Photo of the Week 22 of 39 -- Abandoned

I'm reaching into the archives for these folks.

This first one is granddaughter #1 in a pair of abandoned glasses (frames only) that she found and was playing with. I don't remember who took this photo.

This second photo is of my grandson on his first birthday. I was not there for the party (in Italy), so I know I didn't take this one. His mother is handing him the stuffed elephant that his grampa and I sent him for his birthday. He loved it and slept on top of for a year or so, I do believe. He has since abandoned it.

This third photo is one my hubby took of one of my fiber post cards. I didn't have my "no shaky" digital camera yet. I have, at least for the time being, abandoned making fiber postcards. The sewing machine I use for them needs a new light bulb and I keep forgetting to take it to Dallas with me to get one.
This last photo was taken the Feb. of '04 after my grandson was born the previous Oct. That would make him 4 months old, granddaughter #2 would be 19 months old, granddaughter #1 would be 3 years and 1 month old. Can you imagine having three children in diapers? Yikes! I can't. My son and daughter-in-law abandoned the idea of possibly having more children sometime after this. And this is the one photo in this grouping that I actually took.
Next week's theme is "A Movie Title". Gee whiz. I'm going to have trouble with that one!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Late Monday Question

I was out of town last Monday and couldn't ask the Monday question because I forgot to bring The Book Of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D with me. It was a spur of the moment trip and I didn't plan well. Hopefully, it won't happen again. So, here is the question for this week:

If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the body or the mind of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?

My answer: I would want the mind. The thought of a 90 year old with a 30 year old body just sounds sick to me, but a sharp mind works at any age. Just my humble opinion.

Photo of the Week 21 of 39 -- Temperature

This photo was taken during the "Crossroads" week. The temperature is very close to the same now as it was then, so I kept it and used it for today. I would have used it on Friday, when it was due, if my computer had been working. It was down due to a really bad virus.
I haven't figured out how to load photos onto my computer again since it's been repaired. Nothing is the same as it was before. I'm not all that computer literate, so I really need it to be the same. So, I'm not sure if I'll be able to post tomorrow's photo on time or not. The theme for tomorrow is "abandoned".

Happy Birthday Dear Son!

You are my pride and joy. You are a good dad, husband and son. You are a good person and a good man. I'm so very proud of you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Mouse Lives On

I found evidence of a mouse living in my car yet again! When you live in a rural area, you have to deal with mice on a regular basis, in one way or another. Unfortunately, they have found a way through my heating and air conditioning system and into my PT Cruiser. I've owned the PT, for several years and over those years, I've had many mice get into my car and make a mess of first one thing and then another. They chew up the things that are left inside and they even make a nest and attempt to raise their young. Fortunately, I haven't found any mouse babies in my car yet.

The mice hide and only come out when it's cool and dark or maybe it's just when I'm not in the car. For some reason, once they find their way in, they don't seem to be able find their way out. So, I've had to resort to mouse traps in my car. You should see the look on the faces of the people who bring my groceries to the car when they see the mouse traps!

So, I've got to load up the mouse traps again. For the first time this summer. I thought I had seen the last of the little buggers.