Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Modern Conveniences

When I was a kid, we were not allowed to turn on the air-conditioner until June 1st. It didn't matter how hot it got. Must of been dad's rule, because I'm pretty sure that it changed once my folks were divorced. We still waited until as close to June 1st as we could, but we didn't swelter any longer if it was -- oh, say 95 degrees in May!

Now, my hubby is from a different generation -- mine. He also works with computers in air-conditioned rooms all day. He's not about to come home and sweat all night after being in comfort all day. So as stupid as it sounds if he happens to get the house too hot in February with the wood burning stove, he's been known to turn on the air-conditioner then.

That being said, there hasn't been a day this year, since at least early May, that I haven't walked into our house and thanked God for air-conditioning and the person who invented it! It is hot in Texas! I have a few other modern conveniences that I am extremely grateful for. Here is my, no where near complete, list in no particular order:

1. Refrigeration
2. Clean Running Water
3. Flush Toilets
4. The Electric Light
5. Deodorant!
6. Toilet Paper

What are your favorite modern conveniences?

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