Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big Happy Family

As of 3 this afternoon, "April" was still available at the SPCA of TX in Dallas. By some fluke of fate, it felt as if the door to "Avenue 2" where April's living was locked. It wasn't. Don't know why I couldn't easily open the door, but when I couldn't, we went to "Avenue 3" to see if she was by any chance on that row.

We had barely started to walk down the row of cages when Richard said something about one of the dogs there. I stopped and looked. I told him that she was the other VIP that I had mentioned to him this morning. (A "VIP" is an animal who has been at the SPCA of Texas for more than 30 days. They lower the adoption price in an effort to get the little sweetie adopted.) They had 2 female dog VIPs and we were planning to look at both of them. Well, my plan was to look at the second one only if Richard didn't fall in love with April like I had. I had actually visited her once during my volunteering and of course the picture on the website was darling.

I hadn't really counted on him falling in love with the second dog before he even saw the first one! But that is what happened. So we adopted the dog I had intended to look at second, only if Richard didn't like the first dog.

Say hello to Katie! She's a real sweetheart. Now, you may remember that Barkley was quite cowed by our Elly dog when she was alive. So, when we brought Katie in, he was scared plum to death of her! It was really pretty funny. He's a big ol' 95 pounds and she's not quite 40 pounds. She literally chased him around the house for 45 minutes trying to play with him. Her tail just a wagging the whole time, while he ran his little terrified heart out! Finally, Richard was able to get them to stop and see that everyone was nice and friendly. At that point they started to play and they played their hearts out for hours. Playing that hard for that long, makes doggies very thirsty, so Katie has drank a lot tonight. She's had a couple of accidents, but I feel certain that she'll be totally reminded of her house breaking soon.

At least I hope that was correct on her paper work. It said she was house broken in her former home, but would need to be reminded since she'd been at the shelter for so long. She's also had heartworms and been successfully treated. She's healthy and happy and very active! She's also a border collie mix. As she calms down a bit, that is if she calms down a bit, I'll get more pictures of her to share with you. She's about the same age as Barkley according to her paperwork, a couple of months older actually, but she acts like a puppy. Maybe it's the border collie in her. I've never had one before, but I've read that they are very intelligent and can be quite obstinate.

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pam q said...

Congratulations on the newest member of your family!

That looks like one sweet face!

I'll be anxious to see more pictures...........