Monday, July 6, 2009

Maybe I just lack common sense

I have regular doctor check ups because of migraines and allergies. The doctors have been working with me to decrease the number of migraines I get and cut down my allergy symptoms. I get allergy shots and take medications for all of these things. This morning I had a check up. The doctor and I talked about the cough I've had, basically since April. I originally got it after a day surgery. It developed into bronchitis and very slowly went away. About two weeks later, I got another cough. This one was determined to be allergy related and blamed, by my doctor, on my SPCA work. Now, I can't really disagree with the man. I know from testing that I am slightly allergic to cats. And the work I do at the SPCA is primarily with cats. I lost my cat in November and wanted to work with them. I knew I shouldn't live with them, but hoped that playing with cats a few hours a week wouldn't really be a problem. Well, I was wrong. The doctor told me today that I need to quit volunteering at the SPCA. He said that there is enough cat dander in the building that I shouldn't even work up there with the dogs. I'm extremely sad about this because I've enjoyed it immensely. I feel that I've gotten as much from the animals and people that I've worked with as they've gotten from me, actually more. I have accepted it though because the things he said made sense. The one thing he said that really surprised me was that I should start to feel better about a month after I've stopped working with the cats!

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