Saturday, July 4, 2009

Let Freedom Ring!

Happy Independence Day! I love the 4th of July. It brings back memories of family and cookouts, parades, patriotic music and fireworks shows. I love all of that. What I don't love now that I did when I was a kid is the fireworks you can buy at the road side stands and shoot off at home or in the rural areas. The scare the fool out of my dogs!

Each dog we've had since living out here in the country has been scared senseless by the loud noises of fireworks. It is not fun to spend hours each 4th of July, Christmas and New Years day trying to calm my dogs. In fact, it would be fine if it was just on those three days, but it's not, it's a week or so before and after each of those days. I get very little sleep during that time and the poor dog gets a nervous condition. When our Lady dog was alive, we had to sedate her each year at this time! It's so frustrating. I actually enjoy the years when we are in a drought and the fireworks are banned!

So, y'all have a great celebration, but do me and my poor dog a favor and make it a quiet one. Save yourself some money this year or better yet, donate what you would have spent buying fireworks to a worthy cause and then go to one of the big fireworks shows. It'll be so much prettier and safer and my dog will be calm and I can get some sleep.


The McClendons said...

We were just over there and I am STILL frazzled by the fireworks going off all night. I said last night that they should only be allowed to be set off by licensed are welcome to come here next 4th of July and stay with us, because after one night of it I am exhausted.

Sharon said...

Thank you! At least I know I'm not nuts. It really is bad. Between the shooting of the snake, the firewooks and then some thunder last night, Barkley is about frazzled! He may have to be sedated next year.

Oh, and they actually stopped shooting them earlier on the 4th than they have been earlier in the week. They only went to about 12:30 a.m. instead of about 2 a.m.