Friday, September 4, 2009

You're Got to Check This Out!

Artful Blogging magazine is something I've fallen for in a time when I'm trying to cut down and cut out magazines. The one pictured here is the Aug/Sept/Oct. 2009 issue. Because of it, I've found at least three blogs that sing to my soul and I'm not even half way through the magazine yet. I've purchased other issues and found at least as many blogs in each one, each time. They are a feast for the eyes also.
One of the blogs that sang to me was Superhero Journal. Especially the post "Written On the Body". With all that I've been through in the last week, lovable is a word I would pick also. Then I started reading the comments on that post. There was a comment that gave me THE WORD. The final word. One that I may have to go get tattooed actually.
I want enough.
I need enough.
Just enough.
I've had enough.
I am enough.
Or I should be.

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