Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Nephew Funny

My youngest nephew's birthday was last Thursday. It was a nice day. I was visiting his family for a few days and our mother had come over also. Everyone had dinner together. Momma had fried chicken and it was wonderful! I can't tell you how long it's been since I had someone fry chicken for me, even though it was technically for my nephew, since I didn't have to fry it, it felt like it was for me. Extra special.

So, we've finished dinner and and it's time for the birthday boy to open his gifts. He started with a card from his gramma, who is known to the younger grandkids as Mollie. That is a story, in and of itself, that I'll have to share soon. My son (the older grandkid) may even be calling her Mollie at this point. So, he reads the front of the card aloud to us all and then opens it and says something like "Wow! Forty dollars!". At which point Mollie exclaims "FORTY DOLLARS!!!?" We all laugh and everyone checks out the money together. Nephew says he looked at it wrong and that it's thirty dollars. Mollie calms. Everyone chuckles. Nephew gets up to bring the cake to the table and as soon as he gets up, Mollie picks up that money and has a good look at it to make sure it is only thirty dollars. We all got so tickled! I think the birthday boy had a good birthday and we all had a good day. It was fun.

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