Friday, September 4, 2009

Photo of the Week 22 of 39 -- Abandoned

I'm reaching into the archives for these folks.

This first one is granddaughter #1 in a pair of abandoned glasses (frames only) that she found and was playing with. I don't remember who took this photo.

This second photo is of my grandson on his first birthday. I was not there for the party (in Italy), so I know I didn't take this one. His mother is handing him the stuffed elephant that his grampa and I sent him for his birthday. He loved it and slept on top of for a year or so, I do believe. He has since abandoned it.

This third photo is one my hubby took of one of my fiber post cards. I didn't have my "no shaky" digital camera yet. I have, at least for the time being, abandoned making fiber postcards. The sewing machine I use for them needs a new light bulb and I keep forgetting to take it to Dallas with me to get one.
This last photo was taken the Feb. of '04 after my grandson was born the previous Oct. That would make him 4 months old, granddaughter #2 would be 19 months old, granddaughter #1 would be 3 years and 1 month old. Can you imagine having three children in diapers? Yikes! I can't. My son and daughter-in-law abandoned the idea of possibly having more children sometime after this. And this is the one photo in this grouping that I actually took.
Next week's theme is "A Movie Title". Gee whiz. I'm going to have trouble with that one!

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