Friday, September 18, 2009

This week's photo....

...will more than likely be late. I'm not even totally sure the photo came out. We'll find out as soon as I'm able to spend time at my computer. Right now, I can't get to it because Katie has turned into a devil dog!

Hubby patched up a couple of the holes in the fence only to have Barkley push down another part. Barkley then taught Katie how to push down that part of the fence also and get out. When she got out, she went over to our neighbors house and killed 7 of his chickens! Now out in a rural area, that's enough to get a dog shot, but our neighbor is a good guy, retired military, and he just came and told us what she did and asked us to keep her out of his yard. He wouldn't even let us pay him for the chickens she killed. We'll it's been raining almost nonstop since then and we haven't been able to do any more fence repairs. So, Katie has had to be put in the pen every time she's gone out since then. She's not getting nearly enough exercise.

Her behavior has gone to hell in a hand basket. She's getting into the trash and tearing it up. I plan to buy covered trash cans. She's started peeing on the floor in the middle of the night. We're trying to make sure she goes out late at night and early in the morning. She flat destroyed a couch cushion. We need a new couch anyway. Although I think we'll wait a while to get one. She's jumping on us constantly. She had been doing it some, but not to this degree. I think it will calm down again as soon as we can start working with her more outside.

All of this is to say that I don't want to leave her downstairs tonight so that I can work on my computer upstairs. It's been raining too much to take her up on the carpet right now. So, the photo will be late. It will be here though. So, until then, happy reading.


Britt said...

Omg...I can't believe she killed those chickens! At least he was understanding and nice about it!

The McClendons said...

If it makes you feel any better, our Barkley killed the neighbor's cat when we first got him. Granted, she was in our backyard where she should not have been, but he killed her.

We had so many of the same problems with him, but we sent him to puppy school and he was much, much better. It was $500 for a month, which I thought was a pretty good deal when you think about how much that comes out to per week of having a well behaved dog for the rest of his life. His behavior isn't perfect now, but he doesn't jump and he sits and lays when told, will walk on a leash and isn't tearing everything up (he actually chewed through out AC unit, which was way more expensive than having him trained.) I have the man who trained him's number if you would like it-but it's all the way up in Decatur. Still, it might be worth it. It's totally positive training.