Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Question #3

From The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D. "What is your most treasured memory".

My answer: I wanted to stay away from the most obvious answers, which are true and in order -- my son's birth and then my wedding. This is my next most treasured memory. Usually momma got the birthday gifts (who am kidding? all the gifts period) from both of my parents, I'm sure, but for some reason, when I was probably 6 my daddy asked me what I wanted. I told him that I wanted my own jar of Vick's salve and my own bottle of Mr. Bubble. I know that may sound like an odd thing for a 6 year old to request, but I was probably tired of sharing my bubble baths with my little sister. It was crummy enough to have a birthday so close to Christmas and getting "combination" gifts from relatives, but there were even those who gave her something when they gave me something for my birthday (sailor dresses from Aunt Dorothy!) and I don't think I was too keen on sharing on that particular day. So, by golly, I wanted my own bubble bath that I didn't have to share if I didn't want to!

As for the Vick's salve, well I had a perpetually stuffy nose. I was always waking up in the middle of the night and I couldn't breathe. So, I wanted my own jar so I wouldn't have to hunt for it or call for my momma to help. It always seemed that someone else had the Vick's jar when I needed it. I liked to move the box springs of my bed over a bit and keep the little jar right there in the metal frame beside the box springs. That way, I always knew where it was and it was within easy reach in the middle of the night in the dark.

When my birthday came, that's exactly what he got me -- Vick's and bubble bath! (OK, let me rephrase, that's the gift I had from my daddy, although in all likelihood, my momma probably is the one who went out and bought it.) That and nothing else. Just from him. I was thrilled! I think it's the only time in my life that someone has actually listened to me and got me what I wanted when I wanted it. That is, in itself, a precious gift and something to be treasured. No matter who actually bought it.

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spartacus said...


It's amazing what you remember. I had forgotten about that, but it's a fond memory for me, too. (I don't know why, though? Perhaps it meant I got my own Vicks, too. I don't remember.) I've been thinking about you, so thought I'd catch up by reading your blog. It's great, as usual.

Love, Teresa