Sunday, November 22, 2009

Photo of the week 34 of 39 -- Beverage of Choice

In actuality, I have several beverages of choice. I decided to photograph this one because I happen to be drinking it at the moment. My favorite way to drink Sprite is in a can and so frosty cold that it is just this side of having ice in it! I used to be a real Coke drinker, but switched to Sprite when I had to give up caffeine because of migraines. I do not like Sprite over ice.
Now occasionally, I'll get a migraine that I can't quite get totally rid of with medication. In those cases, I do opt to have a caffeinated drink. I sometimes pick green tea, other times I pick Dr. Pepper. I know I'm not nearly as likely to get addicted to Dr. Pepper as I am to Coke again. Of course, Coke now tastes like Pepsi to me and I hate Pepsi since I was a kid and up-chucked in the Pepsi plant during a school tour.
My other beverages of choice are 2% organic milk, water (which I'm not drinking nearly enough of at the moment), chamomile tea and really good margaritas.
Next week's theme is "Rain, Rain Go Away!".

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pam q said...

Quite the list!

Have you ever tried Gatorade for your migraines? My Mom heard about that somewhere so I started trying it---seems to help some. I take Excedrin, eat some saltines, drink Gatorade and go back to bed. Works pretty good sometimes---better than most anything else I have tried. The lemonade flavor is pretty good and so is raspberry lemonade if you can find it.

Somehow I have gotten a week off in posting my pictures??? oh well.