Sunday, November 15, 2009

Art Every Day Month -- Day 15

Earlier today, I was busy cooking a pot of beans. I had a sudden urge to run out and take some photos of the sunset when I glanced out the window. So, I did! I also needed to take a moment to take note of the tiny bit of fall color we have here in our yard. There isn't much of it. I'll need to search to see if there is any more around.
I've been hand quilting on "Happy", but there isn't much to show yet, so these photos are are art for today. Hopefully, in the next day or two, I'll be able to show you the progress on my quilting. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend. I sure have!

If you have some time, be sure to check out the other artists who are participating in Art Every Day Month.


Susie said...

It looks like you live in a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing your photos.

shannon said...

i love that you just dropped...and followed that "sudden urge"! it's great when we take the time to listen to our intuition. it just "knows" things. :)