Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome Home Pudge!!!

If you are a Texas Rangers baseball fan, you are a happy camper right now. Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez is back with the Rangers as of Tuesday! He's a veteran catcher and one hell of a ball player. I love to see him throw someone out as they attempt to steal second! He's one of my all time favorite ball players (along with Rusty Greer) and I'm just thrilled to have him back on my favorite team.
He'd been gone for about 7 years, I think. Playing for other teams. During his absence, I got this Pudge bobble head on eBay. It kept my smiles coming to bobble his little head and think of all the great plays he'd made for us in the past while I kept my fingers crossed that he'd someday be back with us and making them again. Now, he is!
My only complaint about the bobble head is that's too heavy to attach to my car dashboard. I'd love that.

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