Saturday, August 8, 2009

Katie update

I thought you might be wondering how our Katie girl is adjusting. She's quite at home now. She and Barkley truly seem to enjoy each other's company. They play and run together all day long. She has found at least one way out of the fenced yard, which worries me because we have recently discovered that there are wild hogs in the area now! I'm actually more worried about the hogs than the highway. Fortunately, she doesn't get out often and she comes back quickly when called. She no longer has accidents in the house, but she still tends to chew things left within reach. We're working on it.

When she first arrived here, Katie was pretty quiet. Now, she barks when she hears or sees something unusual going on. Last night, she was barking and seemed to be protecting me too. I think it was actually the reflections on the darkened windows that got her all upset, but it could have been some animal that she could hear and we couldn't. Everywhere I went, she followed. Standing very near me, looking toward the window barking. It was a nice sign of things to come. I love a friendly dog who is protective when it needs to be, but not one you need to worry about being aggressive. I believe she's going to be that kind.

Now, she was a bit overwhelmed when my grandchildren first showed up. Our house if pretty quiet usually and when you add 5 new people to it -- three of them being excited children who have been cooped up in a car for almost 24 hours, it can get loud quickly. My house, being made of cedar logs, can also really vibrate with noise when there is some. It kind of bounces around in here before it figures out what to do with itself. Katie did not like that one bit. I held her collar and talked to her while hubby explained that she was nervous and why to the children. The kids quieted and slowly approached. Before long, they were all playing together.

I have yet to get a photo I like of Katie. I'm still trying and she doesn't seem to like the camera. She reminds me of my granddaughter number 2, always turning her head or running away as soon as she hears it come on. In this shot, she's trying to take a little snooze on the bed, where she is not supposed to be.


pam q said...

What do you mean she isn't supposed to be on the bed???

Isn't that every pet's throne???

Your story made me laugh---I used to have a Miniature Horse stud that would see his reflection in the shiny paint of the black pick-up I had at the time and puff himself up and stomp his feet---guess he thought he was seeing his competition for the ladies....HA!

Sharon said...

I've relented. She can sleep on the bed. I didn't want her on there because I don't want the big dog on there. He (actually both) could tear up my quilts! After you've spent all that time making them, you don't want them ripped by nails or chewed!