Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Roller Skating at the Rink

The kids have had plastic roller skates, but never been roller skating with real roller skates at a real roller skating rink before yesterday. I had promised them when I was in CA over their spring break that we would go and, to be honest, I was getting a little worried about keeping that promise this trip. It's really hard to get everything in that you want to do with them when you are sharing time with the other set of grandparents. We had tried to do it on Monday only to find out that the rink was closed on Mondays. Thankfully, their parents extended their stay by a day or we would not have made it.

Granddaughter number one took to skating like a fish takes to water. She fell a lot, but didn't let that bother her at all! She got back up and just took off. She was out in the middle in no time at all. Granddaughter number two took a little more time to feel at ease. Dad knew just how to help her. Once she felt more comfortable, she was back on the floor skating the edge and soon around the whole rink! Both girls loved skating and have asked if we can go again when they come back. Grandson loved playing the games too.

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