Friday, August 28, 2009

Computer Problems

I've been without my computer for several days now. I can use my hubby's to check my e-mail and a few of the blogs I love, but everything I want and need is on my computer. I feel so lost without it. Quite a change for a woman who used to refer to her hubby's computer as "his mistress". I didn't know a thing about them back then and didn't care to. All I knew was that the hunk of metal in the other room took all of my hubby's free time. I've surprised my hubby, more than myself, with my computer use.

My poor computer has "a really nasty virus". I have no idea how I got it and I'm grateful that my hubby will eventually fix it. No telling what all I'll end up losing in the process. The whole thing makes me sad and somewhat angry because someone initially set up the virus for their own amusement just to wreck havoc on the lives of others. What kind of person does that?

All of this is to explain why there will be no picture of the week today. I'll post it when I get my computer back. Hopefully the photos that I've taken will be still there.

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