Friday, May 8, 2009

Photo of the week 5 of 39 -- Rest in Peace

We went to three cemeteries last Saturday to put flowers out on the graves of relatives. I saw many wonderful old headstones -- like the one for Baby Clem below. I love angels in cemeteries and was looking for some of them, but didn't see any. I have a few pictures of angel statuary up in my bedroom. They are so beautiful to me. I don't remember ever seeing a headstone quite like Baby Clem's before, with a baby resting (in peace) on it.

I have other interesting shots of headstones, but I think I'll save them for another day. These two seem to say all I want to say for "Rest in Peace".

Next weeks theme is "Clouds".

By the way, I have an abandoned cemetery on my property from the 1860's. Only one headstone is still readable and it's actually been years since I've tried to read it, so it may not be any longer. When the highway in front of our house went in, they abandoned the cemetery and vandals destroyed most of the headstones. Some were stolen to be used as porch steps. I believe cattle was let loose in the cemetery also and believe me, they do a lot of damage to one. You really can't tell it was ever there other than a couple of monument bases and the one headstone, that may be in the wrong place now.

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pam q said...

Great photo of Baby Clem's stone! Very unique design as you said.

I just love the name Baby Clem...

Can't wait to see your other photos from the cemetery. I took quite a few in the cemetery in Minnesota when I took my Mom up there to put flowers out. I find the old stones so beautiful. I'll share them on my blog sometime soon.