Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One Year Ago

A year ago, I was involved in one of the most heart wrenching events of my life. I was on a jury for the capital murder trial of a Sheriff's deputy. It was so heart wrenching, that I've blocked a lot of it from my mind. Of course there were things that were too horrible to even block.

There were good things to come from the trial though. For me, one of them was the people I served on the jury with. I feel that most of them felt the same way because we actually set up a lunch for a year later to all get together. That lunch was today. And I didn't get to go. I really wish I could have. I've been thinking of these 13 men and women (jury plus alternates) a lot over the year, but especially over the last several weeks. No one else understands exactly what we each went though during that trial, other than those men and women. They will forever be special to me.

The other good thing to come from the trial is seeing the process for myself. I truly feel that every American should have to sit on a murder trial jury. I think it would change our world.

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