Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This week has just flown by! All in all, it's been a good week, so that's probably why. The hubby and I have each done some things around the house to start our major clean up and organization projects. No where near finished, but it feels good just the same.

I got to see my very dear friend Catherine on Tuesday. She's in Dallas for her grandson's high school graduation, so I got to go up to spend the day with her. We visited and shopped (for beads!) and had a great time. Before I came home, her daughter Heather arrived with her sons. I'd never met the boys (real cuties) and I hadn't seen Heather since before she got married some 10 years ago. Sure was nice to see them all.

The next day, I broke my glasses -- again. I've never broken glasses in my life (at least since I've been old enough to remember -- I started wearing glasses when I was 14 months old so who knows about when I was itty bitty). Since I've had these frames, I've broken them twice! Just by closing the ear pieces to put them aside for bed at night! Needless to say, I was very unhappy about the glasses breaking. Thankfully I do have a spare pair, but I hate them. They're bifocals and the line makes them feel dirty all the time. I had to get a separate pair of computer glasses when I got that pair and the computer glasses were actually set up for distance to the computer downstairs, so I'm getting a headache from using them upstairs. This computer is a bit farther away from the chair.
Thursday was SPCA volunteering day for me. I got to do a few new things this week. I went in to help hold the puppies and cats so that they could have their photos taken for the website. Love puppy kisses! I got there early, so I helped wash their dishes while I could. Then when we were finished with the photo shoot, I got to take a cat to the Petsmart location that I volunteer at. So, Elvis rode with me. He was a sweetie.
I had forgotten to take the broken glasses with me to Dallas on that trip, so I had to go home and get them, then head back to town. It was worth the effort though. After telling them about how many times they've broken and how soon it was for each pair (they lasted about 8 months each!) and that I'd not only never broken any glasses before these, but that I had specifically asked the lady who had initially helped me to show me frames that could take rough treatment, I got a good discount on the replacement frames. I really wanted to use the frame again because I could put the same lenses in them. Much quicker to get them all fixed and back to me. Much cheaper too.
After all, I have that quilt retreat coming up soon and I can't really sew and talk at the same time in these. What good is a quilt retreat if you can't sew and talk at the same time? So, despite the frames breaking, it's been a good week. That's the good and the bad. The ugly is me in the computer glasses. I don't know if I have the courage to put up a picture of that though.


The McClendons said...

We're over by you all the time now when we're at the lakehouse in Paradise Bay. I keep thinking I should call you but I don't have your number!

Anairam said...

Haha! I had to laugh (but only a little bit) - my husband broke his glasses on Monday and he was furious as it is a new pair and it is a real schlep to drive in to town to get them fixed. Oh well, the good, the bad and the ugly - I guess we all have them - better to concentrate on the good!

Sharon said...

Anairam, I feel your husband's pain. I have to drive a long way to get mine remade too. Yes, it's always better to concentrate on the good. :)