Sunday, March 29, 2009

Things I LOVE!

This is something I had wanted to do as part of the 101 list in 1001 days. Well, I started it and never finished the things I love list. Here it is. After reading it, you will know quite a lot about me.

As for the list of 101 things: I've revisited it several times recently and it doesn't really reflect me as much as I had hoped. It feels like a "to do" list instead of a list of goals that I'd like to accomplish. So, I'm reworking it and will put up a new list soon. I think I'm going to borrow the idea from Andrea to make a list that is my age in length and try to finish it by my next birthday. I'll only have nine months at this point, so I better hurry up with my list.

Things I LOVE!

1. music that you just have to get up to dance to!
2. laughter (especially my hubby's and son's; I never hear enough of their laughter!)
3. the smell of freshly mowed grass
4. cherry popsicles (I sure miss the boxes of just one flavor)
5. Bluebonnets
6. a book that draws you in and makes you feel as though it is so real you hate for it to end and if it's the first in a series, I do a little happy dance!
7. photographs
8. hugs, really good hugs (my cousin Mike gives GREAT hugs, I love his hugs!)
9. the peaks and valleys quilting makes on a quilt
11. trees
12. seeing pictures in things like clouds and hand dyed fabric
13. Dove milk chocolate
14. nuts
15. spending time with friends
16. quilt retreats
17. quilt shows
18. batik fabrics and hand dyed fabrics
19. smiles
20. my prayer beads, making prayer beads
21. bookstores
22. getting packages in the mail
23. hearing a cat purr
24. hearing chickens cluck
25. watching leaves fall
26. puppy breath
27. babies
28. words
29. reading
30. the relationship I have with my momma
31. words on fabric or in quilts
32. old reruns of I Love Lucy and M.A.S.H.
33. birds and birdsong!
34. the new TV season starting each year
35. wearing blue jeans and t-shirts (dressing up - for me - is a t-shirt with no words on it)
36. sudoku puzzles
37. beads, especially semi-precious stones
38. road trips
39. talking to (seeing and being with) my grandchildren - in person, on the phone on via skype
40. seeing the "kids" I went to Nathaniel Hawthorne with!
41. spring
42. going to a movie
43. seeing stars fill the sky out here in the country
44. seeing a falling star
45. being with any and all of my extended family
46. when my daughter-in-law, M is healthy and feels good
47. getting on a plane and going
48. Italy
49. staying in a haunted hotel
50. getting a real, hand written letter
51. Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream
52. fresh, home grown tomatoes
53. really good melons - the taste and the smell
54. three year old children
55. my dogs
56. lavender and rosemary
57. blogs
58. learning something new and actually remembering it
59. the happiness of people I love
60. memories of people who have gone before me
61. sunsets and sunrises
62. dimples
63. little kids and the funny things they say
64. the Texas Rangers baseball games
65.banana fudge-sicles
66. autumn
67. a good frozen Margarita with salt
68. going to a Keith Urban concert
69. fantasies
70. dreams
71. magazines
72. walking
73. lists
74. old movies
75. Singer Feather Weight 221 sewing machines!
77. writing on my blog
78. Opening day of baseball season
79. singing (I tend to make up my own words and I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but I love to sing!)
80. aquariums - large and small
81. going to the zoo
82. volunteering for the SPCA of Texas
83. people watching
84. hand quilting
85. fields full of wildflowers
86. the songs Amazing Grace, Georgia and Somewhere over the Rainbow (I have several versions of each of these)
87. polar bears
88. stained glass
89. water color painting
90. pottery
91. the thought of having my own studio again some day!
92. art
93. Thanksgiving
94. Christmas ornaments
95. not having to worry about what I say to a friend
96. a clean house (I don't like to clean it, mind you, but I love for it to be clean)
97. happening upon wildlife out here on our place
98. old angel statuary in cemeteries
99. the little bit of history I know of our land
100. that my dad built my home (wish it had more room, closets, the washer and dryer in the house and a window over the kitchen sink though; if I'd realized I'd one day live here, I would have helped design the place)
101. this land I live on


The McClendons said...

I laughed out loud when I read "For me dressing up is a tshirt with no words on it." That should be on a pillow.

Sharon said...

Maybe I'll put it on a quilt. Lord knows it is a phrase I live by. :)