Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kitty Cats on Thursday

I think I've mentioned before that I volunteer for the SPCA of Texas. I used to go to the Dallas location to walk the dogs and love on the cats, but the temptation was getting very strong and I was getting very weak. My alpha dog, Elly probably would not accept another pet in the house. She's had a somewhat rough time accepting Barkley. They actually play together very well and no blood has ever been shed, but she can still make him pee in the house when she gets to acting bossy. This usually happens when they are going outside or coming back into the house, but occasionally, it will happen just because she wants to make sure that he knows who the boss is.

My hubby got tired of my doggie and kitty love stories pretty quickly. Every time I went up there to walk, I fell head over heals in love with at least one dog and one cat. He started making noise about me quitting the volunteer work. So, I decided to try working at a Petsmart location instead. I'm sure I'll go back and walk the dogs on occasion, but I can love on just a few kitties each week without too much risk to my heart. Usually there are new ones the next week to love on too! It's worked relatively well for me so far. I am on the lookout for that perfect cat who can put up with dogs chasing them. Preferably a cat who knows how to use its claws. Barney didn't know he could protect himself. Elly has never learned that a cat can be a bit irritating too, if it chooses to.

Here are the cats I loved on today. Kato is a black and white male. Ms. Kitty is the orange long haired beauty. She once had a home, so she was a little shy today. I'm sure this was a bit frightening to her. Patches is a female and just lovely. Highstep is also a female and quite a sweet heart. Sorry the picture isn't better for Highstep. I just couldn't get her to be still at all while I was there today.
Just in case you want to go meet any of these sweeties, they are at the Mesquite Petsmart location. It's the one on the west side of 635 in the fairly new area close to the Home Depot. There is a Pier One next to it and a Michael's in the same shopping center.
Each Thursday when I arrive to take care of them, some of them, there are usually new cats there and some that I loved on the last week are gone. It's a good location for cats, I'm thinking. I don't ask where they went if they are gone. I just hope they are in their forever home.

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