Sunday, March 22, 2009

Strut Your Mutt

Saturday started early for me. I didn't want to be late for Strut Your Mutt at Dallas Fair Park. It's a 3K fun run/walk that benefits the SPCA of Texas. I ended up misjudging the time it would take to get there and ended up there almost an hour before I was scheduled to be. Not a problem since there was a lot to look at. It was my first time to volunteer for the event, so I was surprised to even see vendors there. Sure was nice. I found 3 great pet photographers, including blue mutt photography and Margaret Bryant Photography. My very favorite vendor there though was artist K.D. Hafley. I plan to get her to paint a portrait of my two dogs, Elly and Barkley from when Barkely first came to us. Looks like Elly is giving Barkley a kiss. So sweet. It's a shame the background is so cluttered, but I know that K.D. can take care of that in the painting. I'll let you know when I have it commissioned and it's done.

Another vendor that made an impression on me was the Mars Rescue. They had a picture board up of Annie when she first came in. I couldn't look at the pictures and walk away. I had to donate a little money to their cause. I said something about the pictures on the board. I think I asked if she survived. I didn't read the board and couldn't get past how bad Annie looked when she first came in, so I hadn't seen the pictures of her all healed. They told me that she was doing great and I could see for myself! Yes, she was there! Healthy and happy. A beautiful dog that would have been destroyed if not for Mars Rescue. Doesn't she look great?

I really enjoyed participating in Strut Your Mutt. I plan to do it again, the first chance I get. I saw all sizes and types of dogs. Including a couple I'd never seen in person before. An Irish Wolfhound and a Scottie! I loved seeing the Great Dane's too! I remember when my grand daughters thought a Boxer was a horse! I can only imagine what they would have thought of a Great Dane!

I'm putting one picture on here from when the dogs and people were all walking. We were manning a the first water station. We had water bowls and pools for the dogs and bottles of water for the people. I got really tickled at this one dog, who like to get up close and personal with his water. Look at the way he's drinking! Needless to say, fun was had by all!
After I finished up my work there, I dropped by the Museum of Nature and Science. I didn't have time for all of the exhibits, but I wanted to see my friend Carol Morrissey's exhibit of quilts that were there as a part of Quilt Mania 2. They were wonderful! There were several that I'd never seen before. I loved the iguana. He may actually take over as my favorite of her quilts. Up until now, it's been her quilt, The Toad (formally known as Prince). After I left Fair Park (promising myself that I'd come back to the museum when I had time to look it over properly), I went on to quilting with friends. I'll have to show you what I started there next time.

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