Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wild Hairs and S'mores

I got a wild hair last Friday and decided to go see my grandchildren. Since they live in OK now, it's not a big deal to do just that. It was 9:20 PM when I jumped into the car and headed out. I got there a little after 2 AM. Went on to bed and got up around 9 or so to start visiting. Unfortunately, #1 was sick. Just running a slight fever and not feeling all that well. She had been home from the sitter on Friday, but I figured she'd be well by then. No. She wasn't. In fact, she continued to feel puny, but not horrible all weekend. Sunday night, I noticed that her tonsils were swollen. On Monday her dad took her to the doctor and found out she had strep throat and would be contagious for 48 more hours. I left then. But back to the weekend....

Since #1 was sick, we didn't get to do any of the things I had wanted to do on my next visit. Going out and exploring being number one on my list. So, inspired by Christina, I made the kids s'mores! They had never had one before!

I'm guessing that JT didn't like his very much because he only ate just a little of it before leaving the rest on the table and going on to play on the computer. I told him I was going to throw the rest in the trash and he said "OK".

Number 2, their dad and I ate all of ours!

Number 1 ate almost all of hers before saying she didn't want any more. Then she announced that she hoped she didn't see anymore chocolate, marshmallows or graham crackers for several months. Bless her heart.

A couple of things that we joked about while I was there: the kids know that I have a strong aversion to blue people and blue on people. I know it's a little weird. One of my little quirks, I guess. I think it's the blue next to the white of the eyes that really gets to me, but I couldn't help kidding #2 about her blue nail polish. It was in need of a touch up.

Their mother, loved Ramen Noodles. She passed the love on to the girls. When I first got to the house in CA after M had passed, there was probably 2 cases of Ramen Noodles in the pantry! M had not wanted to run out! It's taken a little over 4 months, but they have been eaten, mostly by the girls. Here is a photo of the last package of Ramen Noodles. The girls argued over who would get it.

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