Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boston 3 Rangers 1

My friend Kari treated me to a Rangers/Boston baseball game last night. She's a Boston fan and I'm a Rangers fan. You may have guessed from the title of this posting that she had just a little more fun than I did at the game.

It was a really hot night. As we drove up to the ball park, I noticed that the temperature showing on my car thermometer was 106, but I would not have been surprised if it had risen by the time we stopped to park with the valet. Yea, I know, but I have a bad knee, so I treat myself to valet when I go to the ballgame.

Despite the temperatures, the place was packed.

Kari, being a Boston fan, got a really good shot of this player. Sorry, I don't know who he is. If you're a Boston fan, you probably do. I'm hoping Kari will tell me and I can add his name. Anyway, there is a large Boston fan base here. The games are always interesting. **Note from Kari -- "Clay Buchholz. He is one of our best pitchers. Only his second full year up. In his second major league start he pitched a no hitter!"

I was very sad to see "Salty" in a Boston uniform. I'll admit it, I'm a Rangers fan, but I don't follow baseball all that well. So, I had no idea that he had been traded to Boston. I just knew he wasn't on our team any longer and I missed him. I think Salty is a dang good catcher.

Now, one of the things I've always enjoyed about going to games is "people watching". And when things aren't exactly going the way they should for the home team, your team, you not only people watch, but you look for things that make you happy. Like the view you get of Cantu when he's up to bat.

And a little Texas pride!

The highlights of the game for me were a single home run by Josh Hamilton and the stealing of third base by a kiddo between innings. I don't remember the child's name, but he had 30 seconds to run from his starting place to third base, literally steal it and take it back to where he started. He got back there with 4 seconds to spare! For winning -- he got to keep the base! I was so thrilled for him. As stated above, the Rangers lost 3 - 1 and Kari and I (along with 48,028 other people headed out to our car). When we finally got up toward the front of the line to wait and look for the car, I could literally see it. (mine is the dark car on the other side of the silver one, yes it's kind of hard to see in the dark -- click on the photo to enlarge it and see PeTunia a little better)

I'd never been in that position before. We started chatting with a police officer and I told her I could see my car. Thankfully, she told me to go tell the valet and get my keys. We were soon on our way. This is what the temperature reading was at 10:39 PM -- 101!

Ahh...thank goodness for a/c! We won't even talk about the traffic after the game. I'm just glad we went to the game last night instead of the game today.


Oliag said...

I just got back from an internet free vacation and found a sweet comment from you...Thanks!..then I came here and discovered that you posted about my favorite team of all...the Red Sox:) We were listening to the game on the drive home and found the temperatures unbelievable! The announncers talked about the temp all the time:) Hope it cools for you soon!

SE'LAH... said...

take me out to the ball-game ;)
isn't it a wonderful experience?

hope you are having a great weekend. one love.

Anali said...

Go Sox! Lucky you at a game. Unfortunately, the tickets here are so expensive. I haven't been to one of their games in years. I think the only way I'll be able to see them play is if I'm visiting another city and they're playing there.