Thursday, August 12, 2010

Found One!

You will never believe what I found today! I had just returned from the post office, got out of my car in the driveway and looked down as I was walking to the gate. It's always a good idea to look down as you walk in a rural area (at least around here) because you just never know when there will be a copperhead snake laying across your path. Anyway, I looked down and there was a heart shaped rock -- right there -- in my driveway! Or more precisely, a broken heart. Perfect for the past year I've had. I wish I had taken a photo of it right then and there, but I was so excited to find my first heart rock that I just grabbed it!

You may not know this about me, but I love heart shaped rocks. I order them when I find them on etsy and I try to win them in auctions on eBay. I'm a heart shaped rock sucker. I like the big ones better than the little ones, but it was the little ones that I first started getting -- for a jewelry workshop I was going to take. I didn't get to take it because of the passing of my daughter-in-law and being in CA with my son and his children at the time of the workshop. I have faith that I'll get to take the workshop at some point. Until then, I'll just keep on loving heart shaped rocks and if I'm really lucky, maybe I'll find a few more myself!


Birdie said...

Sharon, thank you for visiting with me :-) My son brings different stones and pebbles back home all the time ... I don't recall ever seeing a one that would have a heart shape though but the one you hold is really beautiful, I'll keep my eyes wide open for them ... have a beautiful day!

kath said...

Oh Sharon, I'm a collector of hearts and rocks too ... but I don't have any heart shaped rocks, I'll keep my eyes open now!

Sharon said...

Kath and Birdie, definitely keep your eyes open. I would have never guessed that I'd find a heart shaped rock in the middle of Texas, much less in my driveway, but I did. I think they could be anywhere! We just have to find them. :)