Monday, August 16, 2010

FUN Stuff!

Today, I got to pick up my new license plates that say ENOUGH. I also got lots of fun stuff in the mail. Just look at these wonderful rocks and the great decorated envelope they came in!

If you love these rocks as much as I do and want to get some of your own, go check out Kim's etsy shop.

Check out Kim's blog here. It's great too!

While I was downtown picking up the license plates, I came across this cool statue. I was hoping it was a fountain, which I am almost sure it was in a previous life, but it is indeed a statue at this point.

If it had angels on it instead of fairies, I probably would have sat on the bench and waited for them to open! Well, on second thought, I would have just gone back on Wednesday since that's when they open next. It's a little hot for waiting more than 24 hours outside.

I also joined Postcrossing over the weekend. I mailed off 5 postcards today. One each to Finland, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands and to New York. I was surprised that I only got one address for the USA, but then again you had to check a box saying that you wanted to be able to send and receive from the country you live in. So, I guess it's not that surprising when I stop to think of it. You can only mail off 5 cards to start. Then as the cards you mail arrive, you can mail off another. Eventually, I think you can have up to 6 in the mail at one time. I thought it would be fun to use the postcards I got from moo that I showed you here. I had already sent all the ones of my son and his kids to family. So, they didn't go to any postcrossing folks. When I start getting postcards, I'll show them to you.

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Birdie said...

Sharon! what a lovely post and the stones! I'm starting to really really like the stones :-) lol happy day!