Monday, August 2, 2010

People I Love who have gone before Me

I have an artistic soul. As an artistic person, I have been drawn to shrines that I see in art magazines. I often want to buy one that I've seen online too. The thing about one made by someone else is that they aren't personal, unless of course you order one and pay the big bucks to have it personalized. So, as part of my de-cluttering and part of my putting things that I love in my new computer/sewing area --- I have started a shrine of sorts. The mouse pad I use has my favorite photo of my father on it. It was taken during the summer of 1983, I think. I have the original photo that needs to go in a frame and I have a wonderful painting of the same photo that my sister-in-law Charmaine did for me. It's downstairs. My father built the house we live in. We've been here now more than 20 years. That is amazing to me.

Part of my shrine in progress is a photo of my dear friend Marianne. I miss her so often. Her smile and laughter and, more than anything else, just talking to her. These are the same things that I miss about my sister Teresa. How do you like her jar so far? It's got an Anglican rosary in it that I made and she bought. She loved the rosary and I did too. I almost didn't sell it to her. She's wearing it in my favorite photo of her, although in this small print, I don't think you can see it. It was around her neck during her funeral service also. I asked my brother-in-law for it and he got it back before she was cremated. The only other things in the jar right now are some of the marbles given to us during her funeral service. If I ever find the story in the Chicken Soup for the Soul books that I know I've read it in, I'll put it here, if I can get permission to. Or I'll at least tell you all the title and which book it's in. The other thing I have of Teresa's is a small grocery list written on a page from a "Future Planner". It's wrinkled and in her unique hand writing. I love it. I plan to get it framed on acid free mats so that it will last. This is my start to a shrine to those I love who have gone before me. It will be all around me for now.

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Christina said...

and a beautiful shrine it is. : )