Monday, July 19, 2010

Sissy Dog

Sissy is my son's and grandchildren's dog. My son got Sissy for M before #1 was born. She may have been a Christmas gift, I can't really remember. She's a miniature pincher or minpin and is brown and tan. When she first came to live with them, she was smaller than a Coke can. M never had Sissy spayed. She had planned to breed her. I was totally against this. First of all there are way too many unwanted dogs in this world. Second, Sissy is really funny looking! No one with any sense would pay to have her or a puppy of hers. Oh, sorry son. I think you paid for her didn't you? Yikes! We'll she is a very sweet little dog. Anyway, Sissy has one ear on top of her head and one on the side! It's just hilarious looking! But you don't have to try to imagine for yourself, here are the photos to prove it.....

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