Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day -- or Baseball is back!!!

You probably won't believe this. I know I didn't when I realized it. I bought tickets to the Texas Rangers opening day game against the Cleveland Indians after I already had tickets to go to CA. Of course I didn't look at dates for any of this when I was doing it. I was just so excited to get the opening day tickets! Then it hit me. Opening day was April 6th and I was leaving for CA on April 4th. Well crap! I had just spent about $90 for tickets and valet parking. Hubby had no desire to go with a buddy. He's not much of a baseball fan. Can you believe that? So, I started hunting for friends who might want to buy the tickets. Luckily I found someone quickly and they were thrilled to get them.

Then the mourning period for missing the game started. I was sure I wouldn't be able to see the game in CA. After all, I love the Rangers, but they really haven't done all that well over the last few years, so they aren't a big TV draw. In fact, toward the end of the some seasons, they aren't all that big of an in person draw.

So, today, opening day, I decided to see what game I could watch. I had decided to watch the Boston Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays. Hoping, of course, that Boston would get the Sox beat off of them. Can you tell that Boston usually beats the Rangers? And they have (in my very humble opinion) extremely rude fans! I have even begun to like the Yankees and their fans over the Sox and their fans. But, I digress. I turned on the TV and to my sheer amazement -- the TEXAS RANGERS were playing!!!! The Sox vs. the Rays had been rain delayed! I got to see my Rangers win 9 - 1 against the Indians on opening day! Oh what a beautiful day! I think it's the red uniforms. I can't wait to get a new hat! Sorry about the horrible picture. I discovered later that if I had been several feet away, it would have turned out good, but this was the first pitch and I didn't have time to move!

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