Friday, April 10, 2009

CV's Award

On Wednesday, my son and I got to go to the school to see CV accept a Spirit Tree award. She didn't have any idea that she was getting this award. She had brought home a note from school on Monday informing us all of the upcoming ceremony and her parents didn't tell her what the note said. When she walked into the room on Wednesday and saw her dad and I, I'm sure she was surprised, but I was so busy looking for her, that I missed actually seeing her, despite her father telling me "there she is".

When they called her name to come up and get her award, she didn't move. All of her friends sitting around her starting telling her to go on up on the stage. CV had that deer caught in the headlights look and just sat for a few more seconds. When the adults also told her to go up, she finally did, but she looked like she was sure she'd be in trouble any second. I was lucky to get the picture of her getting the award. People started walking in front of me just as she got to the stage. I clicked the picture just as someone walked past and was sure I had a picture of them. Then I saw that I got it! I had to wait a few minutes for her look back at us again to get the close up of her sweet little face.

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pam q said...

You have a trio of sweeties!