Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flowers and Feathered Friends

My momma and her friend Bob sent these flowers to my hubby and myself today. There's a really cool tulip on the side that doesn't show up well in the photos because it's mostly white. The large pink rose in the front actually smells like a rose too. Amazing.

This is a wren nest on one of our walk way over hang supports. Wrens will make a nest in all kinds of things. We found one once in a shirt pocket out in our tractor shed. And once when we left a plastic Christmas wreath hanging on our back door too long (OK, way too long) a wren made a nest in it. That one didn't end well. A snake crawled up the door and got the babies.) I've also read that wren males make several nests and then entice the female to look them over trying to win her from the other possible suitors. If she likes the nest, she'll pick the male who made it. Click on the picture of the nest and you can see the baby bird peaking out. I love all the beautiful, colorful birds, but I think wrens are my favorite. They just make me smile.

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