Friday, May 14, 2010

Wonders never Cease

The wonders today are about M. She was an ill young woman, for many years. Probably more than any of us expected.

My son and I have been going through all the boxes, cabinets and closets in their house and through all of M's stuff, trying to clear out things that are no longer needed in case he is transferred in the near future. We're donating many things and giving away a lot of others.

Some of the things we've found have just made us shake our heads and wonder "why?". Like the box full of clothes that my momma had sent the kids for Christmas 2 years ago. They still had the tags on them. I remember M calling and letting me know they got here and telling me how cute they were and how much the kids liked them. Why? Why not just say she didn't like them and exchange them for something she'd let them wear? Or let them wear them? Especially since they're wearing clothes very similar to them. I just don't understand it.

Then we found the kids dental ID cards in a box full of old school papers that should have been thrown away ages ago. The ID cards had never been opened. They were at least 2 years old.

The thing that really ripped my heart out though was finding a Christmas present that CL had made for her in 2007 stuffed into a kitchen cabinet, still wrapped. CL opened it and was just heartbroken when she realized her momma had never even looked at it. I told her she could give it to her daddy that night. That I knew he'd love it. So, she re-wrapped it and gave it to him. He proudly brought it out to show me her little hand print in plaster after he opened it. She was beaming, right up until she asked her daddy why her momma never opened it. All her daddy could do was hug her and tell her that her momma had been real sick. Mental illness is very hard to explain to children.

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