Monday, May 24, 2010


I've been wondering about this wonderful, HUGE plant in the back yard of my son's next door neighbor. It had these little blue flowers on it and I started to think that it just might be a rosemary plant. I love rosemary. The smell is just heavenly to me. Whenever I see it, I think back to when I bought this herb magazine that comes out quarterly. There was a letter from the editor in the first issue I bought in which she talked about how much she loved rosemary. She said she had a rosemary plant in the front seat of her car and that it reminded her of Christmas and that the smell made her happy. I feel the same way. The smell always makes me happy and it often reminds me of Christmas. I sure wish I had kept all those herb magazine issues.

The neighbors moved a couple of weeks ago and no one else has been assigned the house (we're on base) so, this afternoon, I sent my granddaughter CV over the fence to get a piece of it so I could see what kind of plant it is. It is indeed the largest rosemary I've ever seen! I hope to get some cuttings off of it before I leave so that I can attempt to root it. I know it won't be easy since it's such a woody herb, but it will sure worth a try. I also don't know how it would do in TX, since it's obviously thriving here in the desert. Beautiful!


Luckybear said...

Hi Sharon,

I've had really good luck with rosemary here in Texas, so a cutting should stand a good chance.


Tracey said...

Hey Sharon! My sister used to live in Vegas & what I thought was her shrubbery turned out to be huge blocks of rosemary like you show. I couldn't believe; her gardeners would keep it trimmed like hedges & the smell was AWESOME. I'd never seen any grow that large - I'm used to pots of it here in the Midwest. Sounds like you should give it a try. I use a 'stick or 2' of it when I make pork roast. Yumm... :-)

Sundey said...

I am obsessed with rosemary. I have some growing in a pretty red pot on our porch, my thinking being that I could smell it when I came and went. Sadly I learned that it doesn't really work that way (maybe a good thing for you since with a plant that big it might get a little overpowering) but I use it to cook, to flavor olive oil as a gift, (or in a bunch tied with a bit of twine for a REALLY quick gift) and sometimes I just walk outside and get a sprig to smell. Enjoy it! If it were me, I would pirate as much as I could before the new neighbors moved in, but you are probably nicer than I am. ;)