Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Leaf Cousin

My oldest granddaughter has loved trees since she was a tiny little thing.  She used to pat them lovingly when she was outside and just starting to walk.  If she was not free to roam and being carried or in a stroller, she said "tree" and stretched her arms out toward it as if she needed to be near just to breathe.  She was not happy if you did not take her to the tree, but if you did, she smiled and literally seemed to take a deep breath and she looked calmer.  It always amazed and tickled me.  And I, for one, always took her to the tree when I was with her, which I will admit was not often since they lived in Italy at the time and I was in Texas. 

Her affection for trees isn't as obvious now.  After all, she is nine years old and what self respecting nine year old girl is going to pat a tree in front of others?  But she can't fool me.  I know that she still loves trees!  She mourns not having one large enough to climb at her new house.  She always climbs one at my house and she brings me leaf faces just about every time I see her from whatever kind of branched thing is growing leaves at the time.  They always pretty much look the same, although she is artistic and I fully expect to start seeing variations at any time.  This last leaf face jogged my memory of one I had seen on another blog -- check out Keri Smith.  I think they may be cousins, although I think Keri's Ralph looks to be an older, wiser cousin.  Alas, #1's leaf has no name.


Birdie said...

that's so great :-) I'm a tree huger myself and I was so happy to see that my son started to hug them as well, I will post a picture of him like that some other day :-) but I think it's mostly because he saw me doing so ... maybe not, we'll see one day :-) happy day!

julochka said...

my 9-year-old loves trees too. and tho' she doesn't hug them, if she possibly she, she climbs them. :-) i think children are naturally drawn to the nature around them.

kath said...

Fabulous - I love the leaf face.