Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a Scarf!

It's a scarf! I finished it. It's done. I've made a real, honest to goodness scarf. From soft "lemon grass" colored wool yarn. To me, this is an amazing act. I can look at this scarf and see where I stopped stitching at the retreat. I was so tense and frustrated. I was not going to give up though. This was something I really wanted to learn, even if all I ever do is knit scarves and washcloths, at that point last weekend, I would have been happy with that and I wanted to keep going. Now, I want to make hats and maybe socks too, but I think I could knit for a very long time and be happy just knitting those four things for myself, loved ones and charity.

I can look at this scarf and see the mistakes I've made. I can see where I picked up a stitch somehow and when I knitted two stitches together to get my number of stitches back to the correct amount, it would make a hole in the scarf. I don't really understand it all yet because when some of the knitters saw these holes at the retreat, they thought I had dropped a stitch. Farther into the knitting, much farther, I can see where I finally mastered it enough not to add stitches. No more holes in my scarf! It looked pretty good from that point on. I got on youtube to find out how to cast off. I watched a video a few times, paused it and did it! I've got a small little piece of yarn on each end of the scarf to weave into the scarf and a little piece left over that I'll put out for the birds to use in a nest this year. What fun is that?

Do you see all of these wonderful knitting needles? This bounty came in the mail today as a complete blessing and total surprise from my quilting and knitting friend Micki! She said she didn't need them and thought I might like them. Wow! Do I ever. I plan to use each and every one of them -- eventually. Happy March to you all.

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pam q said...


Way to go Sharon!!!!

LOVE the photo of you wearing your very own scarf!

And I LOVE those big fat wood knitting needles you got in the mail!

My, oh, my. You are just one lucky, lucky girl these days!