Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All the News that is Fit to Print

Quite honestly there isn't a lot of news that is fit to print from here today. Of course there isn't much news that isn't fit to print either. I've spent the last couple of days making sure my entry for the Dallas Quilt Celebration (show) was "legal" and ready to go tomorrow. Sometime last night I realized that I didn't make sure that "Rage" was all cleaned of fuzz and dog hair before I sent it off. Being a quilt with a black background, that could mean trouble. I can only hope that if Judy notices that it's a mess, she'll take pity on me and clean it up a little or that everyone will think it was an artistic statement.

Thursday is "Preview Night" for members and their families and entrants. I've gone to it for years. It's a great time to take a photo of the quilts without someone standing in front of it. It will also be my 32 wedding anniversary. Hubby is not planning to attend the quilt festivities. We'll celebrate later.

As for today, I went to my first physical therapy session for my knee. She just poked and prodded and twisted and jerked on it today. It hurts, but I think the real fun will start on Monday. Apparently I have a problem with the meniscus in my right knee. She thought that was the problem and she went on to prove it. She had wicked, mean thumbs.

I'll report about the quilt show later in the week, if I have the energy. Last year, I saw bluebonnets on my drive in to the show. I don't think that will happen this year, but if it does, I'll let you know.


pam q said...

What??? Hubby doesn't want to go to the quilt festivities????


Good luck with the physical therapy!!!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sharon! Hope you have a great time at the quilt show. Also, want to thank you for the lovely giveaway. I just love the Boyds Bear Christmas Ornament I won during the One World One Heart Giveaways. I posted about this on my blog. Please stop by and visit. Hope all goes well with your knee.

Irma :)