Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I've always loved Halloween. When I was a kid, I loved to dress as a gypsy every Halloween. My momma would make me a black skirt by dying a bed sheet black and then sewing it into a skirt. For some reason, we never saved the skirt (or maybe I played with it until it died a shredded death of it's own) and would have to make a new one the next year. I know I was a gypsy at least three or four years in a row. Poor momma must have been sick to death of dying and cutting up her sheets for me, but she did it every year without complaint. She also let me wear all of her costume jewelry! Which of course was the main reason for me wanting to be a gypsy in the first place. I loved momma's necklaces! She had so many fun, colorful necklaces back then. I remember nothing else about my costumes, but those were fun and I loved them.

It wasn't quite the same when I had my son. They had all of those plastic store bought things that he wanted to wear by then. I thought they were horrible, but if that was what he wanted, then OK. I doubt he has any of the same great memories like I did.

Then we moved here when he was eight. We're in a rural area on over 27 acres. You can't see the neighbors homes from our house. A perfect place to live to me, except on Halloween. We've never had one trick or treat-er. That makes me very sad. My son had his Halloween festivities elsewhere after we came here. He'd go to a school carnival or party or hay ride. Something like that. I'll be forever saddened about that little piece of childhood that ended early for him.

Now, I get to see photos of my grandchildren dressed in their costumes and hear tales from other family members and friends. It's almost as good, but not quite. So, enjoy every minute! I'll be thinking of you.


The McClendons said...

I remember being afraid every year that I would have to spend Halloween at Aunt Joan and Uncle Billy's and I wouldn't be able to trick or treat.

If it makes you feel any better, we live in a surburb, SURROUNDED by people, and we had ONE trick or treater. I don't know what happened! I had the lit pumpkin, the porch light on, I did everything but stand outside with a flashing neon sign. Most of the kids on our street are older, and I guess they had parties to go to or something. When that one trick or treater did come, I got so excited that I think I kind of freaked out her parents. :/

Sharon said...

Thanks for the laugh, Sundey! Hope you have more trick or treater next year. ;)