Friday, February 20, 2009

A Little Background

I've visited many blogs over the last few months. I had noticed that several had really cool backgrounds and I always wondered how they did it. They weren't available on my layout. I noticed that many of the blogs were on Blogspot also. Then somewhere I heard of free backgrounds and started looking over some of them. There are some great ones out there! I wanted something nice, but that I could still read and that wasn't distracting. So many are to me! Today I went to check out some more blogs that were in the OWOH giveaway and there was a logo in the top left for free backgrounds. I clicked on it and voila! It was a breeze to set up because the maker told me how to do it, step by step!

Now, for a little background on me. To me, dressing up is a t-shirt without printing on it!

Good day to all and to all a good weekend!

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