Sunday, February 22, 2009

And the Oscar goes to......

Tonight is the Academy Awards ceremony and show. When I was younger and lived in Mesquite (TX) and my mother lived in Dallas, we saw a lot of movies together. There were even a couple of times that we saw everything that was up for best picture. Now, I'm lucky if I've seen one of them. This is a far cry from perfection for a woman who has wanted to be both an actress and a movie critic at one point in her past.

I love movies. I love books. I love the artistic in all the things I see. I love to see the stars on the red carpet and the ones sitting in the audience. I love the magic. It's almost a shame that I'm not fooled by it anymore.

I hope you get to watch the show if you want to and that you enjoy it as much as I hope I do. Regardless of how long and drawn out it turns out to be, it won't be all bad with Hugh Jackman hosting. Yummm.

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