Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Technologies and Doggies

I'm still learning about my blog. I've been trying to update things on it and get it to look like I really picture it looking. So far, it's not there yet. Maybe it never will be. It really may be like a scrap quilt project (which I love!) in that you can tweak it and refine it and change it as long as you don't decide it's finished.

One of the problems is that I'm not computer literate. I don't know how to do these things. I mean I just learned how to add links to my posts this week and all that I need to be able to do that is basically right here on the composition page! I didn't even know that much. I'm learning though. VERY slowly.

Yesterday I did some of my volunteer time at the SPCA of TX in Dallas. I walked the doggies outside to the runs so that they could have some exercise and fresh air. It was a beautiful day! I loved every minute of it. I even got to spend some time with "Marshmallow" brushing him. Oh what a sweetie he was! I wanted to bring all of the adult dogs home yesterday. They were all such good boys and girls. So sweet and friendly. I hated to leave them.

I did have one little incident though. One sweet little fella (who shall remain "nameless" to protect my pride and his reputation) was much stronger than I thought he'd be! We got on that ramp to head out and he wanted to sniff the grass just around the corner from where we were. He could get a slight whiff of it through the rails on the ramp and he pulled -- HARD. Totally surprised me that a dog that small could pull me into the rail and get away from me! My German Shepherd dogs are a minimum of twice his weight and general size, so I was completely caught off guard. That won't happen again, believe you me! Thankfully, he was more interested in sniffing that spot than running away. I was able to catch him even after I tumbled into the rail and hit just about everything on my body with it while saying a colorful word or two! Nameless and I proceeded to the runs and he had a good old time. I held on tight when it was time to bring him in. He's a great dog. I checked the website this evening and it looked like Nameless and Marshmallow had both been adopted! Talk about happy! *I was mistaken, Nameless is still there and he weighs only 37 lbs! He's a strong little fella!

As I was leaving yesterday, I dropped my cell phone. Now this was not the first time, but it was the last time. I killed it. Broke the LCD thingy that lets you see who you're calling and who's calling you. So, I had to go get a new cell phone. I hate getting new cell phones. I would much rather be able to get the exact same one I just killed, but NO! they don't make those any longer. They're obsolete! How can it be obsolete? I was just using it! So, now even though the sales woman told me over and over that "this phone is just like your old one, only better", I'm going a little nuts trying to use it! I came close to throwing it through the window last night. It will probably take me a year to learn how to use it without accidentally downloading things that I didn't want to even be able to download in the first place.

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nfmgirl said...

Hello, Sharon! I enjoyed visiting your blog. I recently started blogging myself. However I am in the "tech" industry, so I have enough knowledge to figure this stuff out. I'd be happy to help if you ever have any questions.

Have fun on the gypsy caravan!