Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year ~ 2009!

January first! I always love this day and I always try to do things that make me happy and that I really enjoy. Somewhere, ages ago, I heard that whatever you do this day is what your year will be filled with.

Therefore, I have not washed dishes or washed clothes or scrubbed the toilet or even thought about bills. I have not argued with my hubby or gotten angry with anyone over anything. I have not started any major cleaning projects that could not possibly be finished today. I would hate for that to be my fate all year!

I have watched TV (sorry, I've always loved to watch TV and I've decided not to be ashamed of it any longer), I've sewed (!) on a swap that is due at the end of the month, I've taken pictures and I've used the computer. I've also talked to family on the phone, but not to nearly as many of them as I would like to. I've eaten cookies. I've made mental plans for cleaning, so that I can start on all of that tomorrow.

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