Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A New Quilt Shop in Tool, Texas!!!

Mom came by this morning. We sat visiting, laughing and talking for a while. It is always so good to see my Momma! I know I'm very lucky. Not every woman can see her mom often and not every woman even wants to. In this area, I'm very blessed. I want to see her more often than I get to, but I'm happy I get to see her as often as I do.
As we talked, mom asked if I had seen the new quilt shop down the road. What? A quilt shop? Where? When did it open? Are you sure? She told me where she had seen the sign. I knew exactly where that was (about 5 miles from my house!). We ran a few errands later and as we passed the store, we stopped in. I think I squealed like a little kid on Christmas morning when I first saw the sign! Unfortunately, at the time, they were closed to go to lunch. (Don't worry, they don't do this on a daily basis.) So we noted the time they'd be back and headed back to the house to visit more until they reopened. At 2 PM we hit the road to go back.
We met the owner, Charlotte Scrimshire and her friend Judy. We talked, we visited, we shopped! I bought a craft sized Warm & Natural batting, to try in the next quilt from the fabric I bought from Marcia Derse while in Houston this October. I'm still wanting to try kantha stitching on that fabric and this batting may give me the option. I don't think it will beard as badly on Warm & Natural as it did on the other stuff I used.
This is a brand spanking new shop! Gone Quiltin' at the Lake opened last week. She doesn't have a large inventory yet, but it usually takes a little while for a quilt shop to build up. If you're in the area, please stop by and see if she has anything you need. The way I think of it, is that everything we buy will mean more Charlotte can stock later for her shop! She's has quilt classes, fabric, notions, patterns and she has a long arm machine for quilting for the public. She even has some completed quilts and other sewn items for sale on consignment. Remember, it will only get better as time passes! I'm so excited! Can you see me doing a happy dance around the room from where you are?


Luckybear said...

Sounds like a great visit with your Mom. Great news on the quilt shop! I look forward to seeing how the Kantha stitching works out. I also have wanted to try it out. I hadn't thought about the batting being an issue. Here is a website with some nice examples:

Hope to see you Saturday! I have good news. :)

pam q said...

A new quilt shop five miles from your house???

I bet you are in 7th heaven...

Sharon said...

As it turns out, it's 3.6 miles from the house! Yes, I'm in seventh heaven. :)