Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hairy things

I'm starting to get used to my hair being all cut off. I was amazed at how cold I felt when I first cut it! Don't get me wrong, I still get really hot and sweaty, but I'm cold much more often than I thought possible for this time of year. I haven't brushed my neck even once, but I do forget occasionally and reach up to take the clip out that is no longer there. I haven't used too much shampoo either. What I have may last the rest of the year or even longer. It sure feels weird to wash!

I was never one to wear much makeup. In school, I usually only wore mascara. I stopped wearing all make up and perfumes when I moved to the country. Everything would melt on me when I was outside and I'd rub my eyes only to find later that I now looked like a raccoon from smearing melted mascara all over my face. That can be really embarrassing if you notice it right after getting home from the grocery store. So, I very seldom wear even mascara now. I stopped with the perfumes because of the bees and wasps. Then I realized I have allergies, so I can barely tolerate even being around someone else wearing them.

I may have to start wearing mascara again though with my new hair do. I just can't get used to how I look! I like how short it is because it feels so much better. I like that it has more curl, but it really wasn't cut for the curl. It's been so long since I'd had my hair really cut, that I neglected to tell her that I needed a do that was really simple to care for. I don't like to fuss with it. I want to wash it, dry it and go. Sometimes I even let it air dry and go while it's still wet. I'm thinking mascara would dress me up a bit and that might look better. I may give it a try. Regardless, it's nice to be doing some of the things on my 49 List.

Thursday I get to start a new volunteer job with the SPCA! I'll be helping Allison when she photographs the dogs and cats each Thursday morning from now on. I'll still be tending the cats afterward too. I'm looking forward to it. I missed seeing the little ones and holding puppies. Now, if they have new puppies, I get to hold them.

This will be a short week. I'm going to a quilt retreat on Thursday afternoon. So, I'll be posting my photo of the week tomorrow. It's not the one I had originally wanted to post, but I've been too busy to drive around looking for what I had planned.


The McClendons said...

Cousin, you MUST get some mascara to go with your sassy new hair! They have some great waterproof ones that you won't sweat off.

Sharon said...

Hard to believe, but I even melt water proof mascara off! Maybe I need to try some different ones.